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10 Things That Need No Talent

We’re always marvelling at footballers who are blessed with immense talent like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, and feel there’s no way we could achieve those levels of excellence. True, there may only ever be one Messi or Cristiano, but that doesn’t mean we, as coaches, parents and players, should settle for less.

Talent definitely helps, but as is widely documented, achieving excellence is a lot about discipline, dedication and persistence. In this pursuit, here are 10 tips, which if followed resolutely, can take all of us a very, very long way in life. And guess what? None of them need any ‘talent’!

10 Things That Need No Talent

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Don’t Quit

Sorry! We’ve been a bit sloppy with our posts over the past week. Life has a funny way of swamping you with a bunch of busy sometimes. The one thing we did not miss, however, was this absolute beaut by Dimitri Payet:

Stunning, innit? But what’s even more shocking is the fact that Payet, given his tremendous natural footballing talent, nearly gave up the sport 13 years ago. If it weren’t for his father and uncle, Payet might have gone off the football map after being released from the Le Havre academy in France as a 16-year-old; the very same academy that has produced Riyad Mahrez and Paul Pogba.

Speaking about those dark days after being released, Payet says:

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Women’s Day 2016 – Step Up, Step Out

If you’re not a woman living in India, you might not truly understand what odds a girl has to beat to step out of the house wearing shorts and a tee to play football. It’s even worse if you come from economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods where men will gape at you like it’s the first time they’ve seen human female form.

Every step on the journey to the football field is an adventure – you may come across the odd creep trying to cop a feel, a time-waster who merely follows you to where you’re going, or just the normal, everyday lech who dots the streets of India. No doubt, it’s important to remember not all Indian men are depraved, but the sad truth is that the instances we’ve just mentioned are a nuisance that girls and women have to deal with on a regular basis here.

Source: Step Up Step Out on Vimeo

Source: Step Up Step Out on Vimeo

This Women’s Day, we’re delighted to show you how organizations like Youth Football International, United Women Football Club (Faridabad) and Butterflies located in and around India’s capital, New Delhi, are bringing more young girls out to play football, express themselves and just have fun while they stay fit and learn new skills. It’s the least they deserve. Happy Women’s Day! Because girls, it’s time to step up, it’s time to step out.

Step Up Step Out from Arpita Sinha on Vimeo.

Advice from Wayne Rooney

We were trawling across the internet for something nice to share here when we stumbled upon this excellent video (at the end of this post) of Wayne Rooney.

Advice from Wayne Rooney

Here, he offers advice from his rich experience as a pro that young footballers could definitely benefit from:

1. First Touch: This is something any decent football coach will always tell us – the importance of mastering the ball and commanding it to do what we want. How does one develop it? Practice. More practice. And then some more. Whether it’s juggling, jogging/running with the ball at our feet for a significant distance, or what have you, the more touches we get of a football every day, the better it will be to develop our touch. Here’s what Wazza has to say about it:

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Baby Learning to Walk

Grassroots Football Dictionary – 1

A little Grassroots Football Dictionary that applies to all – kids, coaches, parents! Chin up and keep working hard!

Grassroots Football Dictionary 1

Football for Fun

For children, playing a sport is important – not just because it benefits them physically, or socially, but because they have fun. They get to meet different children, and learn about new experiences. Running around with their friends, scoring a goal, or joining in the celebrations when a friend scores a goal – that’s what kids care about, and that’s why they play sport.

Grassroots football plays an important role in trying to keep that spark alive in children. Football coaching, or coaching in general, isn’t just about being the coach with the team that wins, it’s about being the coach who is respected, and being the coach who kids want to train with. We need to remember what it felt like to be young, and run about with friends and have fun. Sport isn’t always about winning or losing – it’s about learning how to play the game right, and having a jolly good time while you do!

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Him

We came across this video of George, a Gerard Deulofeu fan, uploaded by his dad, Dave Shaw on Twitter. Ain’t nothing going to stop this lad. What a great inspiration. A lot of us could do with some of that spirit!

May the force be with you, George! #NeverGiveUp

The original video can be found here.

Eggs & Football

A story that truly resonates with grassroots football. Do you identify with it? We certainly do!

Eggs and Football

To All the Grassroots Coaches Out There

Our thoughts, our words, our actions make a huge difference and we enjoy a special privilege – one where we can impact young lives on an every day basis. We shouldn’t see ourselves as anything less than that. Here’s something to remind you of that fact. We guarantee you, it will be 16 minutes and 17 seconds of your life well spent.


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