AC Milan Trains #TheFuture

It’s always fantastic when one of Europe’s leading youth academies opens its doors to the world and offers a glimpse of how they go about their youth development. There’s much to learn.

Through this fantastic video, we get a chance to understand how seriously European powerhouse and Serie A football club, AC Milan, takes the development of young footballers. Further, the video highlights how the club grooms talented youngsters and teaches them what the sport is all about. Starting at ages as young as 9 and 10-years-old, AC Milan ensures that the children maintain a balanced life and keep up good grades while training to become professional footballers.


“Milan is a club that doesn’t only pay attention to the technical aspects of football; we really do care for the education and the growth of the kids in the Youth Sector. The philosophy of the club is that you cannot be a good player if you don’t become a decent person.”
– Fabio Grassi, Psychologist Coordinator, AC Milan Youth Sector

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  1. I think every club in Europe wishes to come to our great nation. What perplexes me is what is that blocks them from succeeding. I think it is the lure of money but what is unfortunate is that most talented kids playing the game here, do not have money themselves. So where does that take us all. AC Milan has spent quite a bit of their own resources to enter Mumbai and Kolkata some years ago, but it came to nought. Real shame.

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